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Projecting the NFC East Playoff Race

Team Analysis: The NFC East divisional race has become the most compelling storyline in the NFL. The Cowboys (7-5) sit atop the division after winning four straight games and have […]


Are the Seattle Mariners Rebuilding?

Image from Mariners Blog. Traditionally, teams that win 89 games in the previous season don’t typically become sellers in the following offseason. Those types of teams are a few players […]


Analysis: Assessing the Effectiveness of the CGMs MLB Statistical Stratification (Power Rankings)

Introduction: The MLB season is in the books, and it’s time to look back and evaluate how the CGMs MLB Statistical Stratification System performed.  Roughly 60 Games into the MLB […]


Analysis: MLB Power Rankings, A New Statistical Stratification of Analyzing and Projecting Team Performance

Introduction: I am of the mindset that a weekly power ranking fails to accurately reflect the MLB’s rankings. It’s useful to demonstrate weekly trends but fails to effectively stratify a […]


Commentary: 2018 NFL Mock Draft

With the NFL draft less than 24 hours away, it seemed only right to drop my latest mock. For this mock, I am presenting a clean first round without trades. […]


Commentary: Facebook to Broadcast 25 MLB Games: Mets-Phillies Game Today at 1PM

At 1pm the Mets-Phillies game will air exclusively on Facebook. This will be the first MLB game exclusively broadcasted on a social media platform. The move stems from an MLB […]