Couch GMs are sports enthusiasts that provide in-depth analysis and commentary on sports’ most important storylines. The blog was formed in March 2018 with the goal of providing sports fans with a relatable and understandable medium to dive deeper into sports.

At CouchGMs you will find a few different types of posts.

  • Analyses: Are original in-depth statistical or qualitative analysis stories that are educated and informed breakdowns of a given subject.
  • Commentaries: Provide opinions and editorials based off of major storylines and unfolding events.
  • Breaking News: Updates and news unfolding around sports
  • Reports: In-depth analyses of major stories or profound subjects that have far-reaching implications. Reports are well researched and cited publications.
  • Reactions: When breaking news happens that shocks a fan base, we have a reaction. We’ll get every detail and determine the impact a transaction, event, or storyline has in the sports world.

To ensure that we provide the best coverage and analysis to our audience while the site continues to form and bring on new writers, we will be focusing on the NFL and other major sports storylines such as the MLB hot stove and NBA/NHL Playoffs. We will only begin branching out to in-depth analyses of sports outside of the NFL and major storylines once we feel that we are confident that we can handle the demand of all five major sports.

Please share our stories and we hope that you enjoy our original content!